Charity Gift 2018

Dear Netrunner Community,
If there was any doubt that the cancellation of Netrunner’s official support meant that this year there would not be a stupid tournament featuring a giraffe in a gold handbag, garbage IDs, and literally hundreds of prizes provided from across the hyper-talented Netrunner community, you’d be very much mistaken.

About Charity Gift

For those of you not familiar with Charity Gift, its a Netrunner tournament which takes place each year in Sheffield, UK, where pairs of IDs are auctioned off through a charity auction, and each ID is represented only once in the entire tournament. The ID pair you win at auction are the IDs you are forced to play at the event. There’s a large prize pool of community created alt-art IDs (mainly done by me), and I give away the majority of the mats and things I have won over the year. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the Children’s Hospital Charity here in Sheffield, which is a local hospital who deals with the needs of children with serious and critical medical conditions.

The event is still very much in the early planning stage, but what I can do is make some exciting announcements, and a request for assistance.


One thing I can give you is the date for the event. Charity Gift 2018 will take place on November 10th this year. The following day, November 11th, the UKSHL Commissioners, Russ Mortshire-Smith and Cathy Underwood will be organising a President of Servers team event for the Sunday 11th of November, also in Sheffield. They will be giving more details about that event as soon as they have them.

It’s going to be a weekend full of fun Netrunner events, so get those calendars clear.

What's New This Year?

Unlike previous years, Charity Gift this year will no longer be limited to 32 players. By utilising every ID combination available, there will be 46 separate pairs of IDs available for potential players to bid on.

But that’s not all!

In the interest of allowing everyone who wants to to participate, those players who don’t win one of the 47 auction lots will also be able to buy an entry ticket to participate...but as with all things, there’s a cost. Fail to secure one of the 46 berths, and you’ll be sent a pair of lists from the Jank Tank to play. No deckbuilding for you, instead you get whatever high concept garbage the community sends to me which seemed like a good idea at the time to play, card for card.

A Global Community Effort


If you have any currently legal decks in your NRDB account you think would be a hilariously miserable experience for someone to play if they don’t win one of the auction lots, please email them to with the subject THE JANK TANK. There is no judgement here, I just want a wide range of options to RNG for the players who didn’t pay enough to build their own decks…


Each year for the past few years I have asked content creators in the Netrunner community to nominate some fun ID pairings and sign some IDs for the winners. This year, I am casting my net further afield. If your local meta, be it the Netrunners of Barcelona, London, the inhabitants of #australia on StimSlack, or whatever way you choose to group yourselves wish to sponsor an ID pairing this year, email me at with the subject PUT ME IN COACH, saying who you represent, and a point of contact for you so I can email you about how the ID selection process is going to work. If you want to offer additional prizes for the winner of your sponsored ID pairings to make it more appealing, I’d encourage that. I’d also encourage you to work with the winner of your ID pairing on deck building and preparation before the event, as the winning sponsor will get sent by me a full set of all 88 official Charity Gift alt art IDs if your sponsored player wins the event!


Charity Gift is ALWAYS looking for additional prize support. If you have something you want to contribute to the prize pool, please email me and let me know at the above address, with the subject CHARITY GIFT and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Over the past 3 years, Charity Gift has raised over £5,000 for the Children’s Hospital Charity. We paid for half of an MRI machine by playing Netrunner for the chance to win a plush giraffe in a gold painted handbag. This year, let’s really blow it out of the water.

None of this would be possible without the support of this great community. I look forward to giving more details about the prizes, ID pairings, and other exciting stuff in the near future.